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Accessing the Power!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

How many of us use a hair dryer on a somewhat regular basis? How many times do we brush through our hair after washing it, pick up the hair dryer and start using it to style or dry our hair before even plugging the dryer in? That would be absurd! Exactly! Then why do we try to live life in a similar manner?

Do you realize the Creator of the universe is more powerful than anyone or anything that has ever been or ever will be? Do you also realize He promises to give us access to His power? So many times, we go through life trying to handle things on our own strength. That is not what we are designed to do! Just like a hair dryer must be turned on and plugged in before it can be used, we must plug into the power of the ultimate Authority in this life.

It is no secret that there are things which are going to overwhelm us, discourage us, and tear us down. With God’s power, however, we can be victorious. The battle ultimately is His! The next time you pick up that hair dryer, ask yourself, “Have I plugged into the ultimate Power in my life today?” If the answer is “no”, take a few minutes to spend in the Word or in prayer. Then, feel the power and engage your day with an attitude of victory!

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