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An “Off Road” Experience

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

It was a beautiful day! The previous day at work was taxing and frustrating. Intense lightning and downpours of rain filled the night before. Today, however, was a new day. I decided to begin with my favorite cup of coffee from the local donut drive thru. On the way, a phone call from a friend distracted me. While talking with her, I pulled into the drive-thru of another restaurant. No big deal, I told the order taker that I had pulled in by mistake and I was going on through with the traffic but not ordering anything.

It was not that I was impatient or even frustrated, on a whim, I used my big SUV power and went over the curb instead of waiting behind the three cars ahead of me. I tried to go up slowly to not attract attention. No problem, all four tires went up and over fine. I point out that on my side of the vehicle, there was green grass and lots of it. What I failed to notice was the two foot mud hole on the other side of my vehicle because of the overnight rain. I moved forward and I was quickly becoming mired in this mud pit. In sheer panic, I put the vehicle in “D” and “R” methodically while also trying to turn my steering wheel to find some traction. Then I could release myself from this dread. “Dear Lord… you have got to be kidding!” I thought to myself as mud now slung on the cars behind me in the drive-thru. After a few seconds of grinding my tires and going nowhere, I conceded that I was stuck. Yes… stuck in the complete sense of the word… stuck in a fresh mud pit right beside the drive-thru of a popular restaurant at peak breakfast hour. I slumped in my seat feeling defeated. I called my husband. Just as I got off the phone with him, I saw three official-looking restaurant workers coming towards me. I am not sure what they were thinking… maybe damsel in distress?… stupid driver?

In utmost of humiliation, I told them why I ended up “off road,” and when I through out loud to myself, “What could possibly make this situation any worse?”… guess  who pulled in through the drive-thru? M pastor!

“Oh God! This is torture! Now, I’ll be the illustration in Sunday’s sermon!” I shrieked. My pastor looked bewildered and rolled down his passenger window to check on me. I assured him I was fine, just a little embarrassed… ok, a lot embarrassed. I waved him on, flashing a fake smile trying to reassure him.**

At this point the restaurant workers tried to use some flat boxes under my tires to provide traction. They pushed, I accelerated and before long I was free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty I was free at last!

I made a complete idiot out of myself and there was no one else to blame! Fortunately, the kids were not in the car, or somehow, some way, it would have been their fault. I believe that everything happens for a reason, however, as I thought this whole episode on my way back to work, I had an “ah ha” moment. What a perfect example of God’s Word! God provided us with a “path” to follow in life… a guide. If we stay on course, then at the end of this journey, we will hear the blessed words from our Lord… “well done, my good and faithful servant.” Just a reminder that when we get “off-road” that is when we can really run into problems.

**DISCLAIMERS: None. This is a true story… just ask my pastor.

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