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In Two Places at One Time

It has been said that a person cannot be in two places at one time. I beg to differ.

As Kevin and I recently straddled the state line on a bridge connecting Ohio and Kentucky, I considered the parallel of being in "two places at one time" in the spiritual sense.

It is possible to be in church regularly and do good things all in the name of being a Christ-follower while also NOT making an intentional effort to study God's Word or spend time with Him in prayer regularly.

Hence, being in "two places at one time" spiritually. It is important to remember that a genuine commitment by the believer, being all-in, is important to God. Anything else is considered disobedience and sin. In His vision to John in the book of Revelation, Jesus references this mentality when He talks about those who are "lukewarm." He clearly states that such attitudes and postures are repulsive to God and ultimately will not be tolerated. The actual Greek word used in this passage doesn't simply mean to spit out or spew out, it literally means to vomit (Revelation 3:16).

Prayer for today:

Lord, as I embrace 2023, help me to be focused upon WHO You want me to be and WHERE You want me to be. I want to take this mindset as seriously as You do. May I be fully committed to you and your Kingdom daily. Amen.

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