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It’s All About Perspective

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Lately I have submitted a lot of queries for a variety of writing assignments which my publicist has given me: new year resolutions in regards to faith, how to maintain a mental health, how to deal with stresses, etc. Everything seems to depend on one’s perspective when you look at any of these topics.

In layman’s terms, perspective just deals with how we look at things. Those who say the glass is half full are considered positive thinkers, whereas those who say the glass is half empty are considered pessimists. Why don’t we just look at a glass whether it is half full or a quarter full and recognize its intrinsic value? “Thank you, Lord, for providing me with water to quench my thirst!”

Imagine the exhaustion you feel following a strenuous task or exercise…dry mouth…heart pounding, etc. If you were given two options, no water or some water, what would you choose? I’m pretty sure you would choose some water.

My point is, perspective is critical. God sees things from an entirely different timeline than we do and He also recognizes value in things that seem to have no value. I write and speak a lot on the topic of adversity and adversity is something that we hesitate to embrace. Yet if we focus on the strength and courage we can glean instead of the discomfort adversity causes, we have changed our perspective. I challenge you today, whatever you are facing, try to look at it from God’s standpoint. Perspective can make all the difference.

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