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Little Faith = Ginormous Dividends

In this passage, Jesus is having a private conversation with His disciples. The background story is that His disciples have been unable to provide healing for a man's son, so Jesus heals him. Jesus communicates clearly why the disciples are unable to heal the young man, it is because their faith is too SMALL.

Jesus goes on to compare the faith which is required to do big things and guess what? It only takes a LITTLE. This pic is of our favorite hummingbird, whom we lovingly refer to as 'Scout.' Hummingbirds are some of the smallest birds and yet they are amazing...rather extraordinary, actually. I intentionally chose to place this verse from my personal devotional on this picture as a a reminder not to make assumptions; a reminder not to focus upon limitations or perspectives. God can use the smallest amount of faith to do MIGHTY things. It is important to exercise genuine faith and simply believe. Leave the rest up to God and trust in His will. This is a little truth for today with ginormous dividends.

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