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Rocking the Boat

"And Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water and came toward Jesus. But seeing the wind, he became afraid, and beginning to sink, he cried out, saying, "Lord save me!" -Matthew 14:29-30

Peter truly resonates with me and in this passage, I am so inspired by his faith and his intention, but I also can relate to his failure. His love for his Teacher and Lord are undeniable. As I imagine Peter stepping out of that boat and onto the water to meet Jesus, my spirit shouts, "Yes!" I can only imagine the looks on the other disciples' faces as they witnessed this taking place. Oh the despair as they may have compared Peter's faith to their own as they remained seated in the boat...and the exhilaration they must have felt as they were eye witnesses to those first steps towards Jesus, very likely cheering Peter on, as friends and brothers!

I can also relate to Peter’s failure. I imagine Peter as he stops looking to he begins to lose his focus, as he focuses upon his surroundings and the brevity of the situation. The reality of the huge waves, the howling wind, the depth of the water...I am right there with Peter in my mind. And yet, even in the midst of Peter's lack of focus, Jesus does not let him drown. Wow, ya'll! Peter truly resonates with me, because I am Peter so many times. My love for the Lord is undeniable, my intent to serve Him unwavering...then life happens...distractions, temptations, circumstances, etc.

As I read this passage I'm not really surprised that Jesus walks on the water, I mean, He's all powerful. I'm not surprised that faith enables Peter to actually experience a miracle, after all, that's what God can do. What continues to humble me in this passage is Jesus's response to Peter. He doesn't allow Peter to drown. Thankful for His presence and His promises!

Photo taken by Laurie E. Thompson, East Boothbay Maine

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