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Spiritual Gardening

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

Sometimes, all we can do is plant seeds of hope, and love on those who are hurting…

The young mother sat across from me at the table as I took notes to document her situation. Recently, she had walked away from her home and abusive husband of 15 years without much else, other than her 14 year old son. Her husband threatened to kill her if she left him. Carol had been brutally attacked  for the last time. Some friends helped her to secure a place to live with her son and a family member helped to hire an attorney as she pursued a divorce. Carol was proud that she had finally taken this step but at the same time, she was living in constant fear…unable to eat much and finding it very difficult to sleep at night. Even though Carol was working part-time to support herself and her son, she was struggling financially to pay bills and she was seeking assistance.

As I listened to this young lady’s story, my heart ached. I could not even begin to relate to her sufferings or range of emotions, but I knew Someone who could. I prayed silently to myself as she spoke, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Carol shared with me that her faith in God had been lost because she did not understand why He could allow such a bad thing to happen.  Her feelings of mistrust were completely understandable. I told her about God’s perfect love and that He has a plan and purpose for her life. I shared with her God’s promise to be our Protector, Provider and Sustainer if we call out to Him in faith. I shared my personal testimony of how a drunk driver impacted my life and how God helped me through that very dark time, giving me hope…in spite of my circumstances. I wanted Carol to have this hope.

Sin is a very real part of our world and we are going to be affected by it. God realizes this “sin predicament” and that is why He sent Jesus to die on the cross, because He hates sin even more than we do.  We must trust Him and what He says. I am so thankful that whatever our circumstances, God is bigger! There is nothing that takes Him by surprise. I have experienced pain in my life that only God can understand. I can sympathize with others and demonstrate compassion because of those experiences, but only God can touch people in a way they will never forget. For this appointed time, on this particular day, I was simply a messenger of hope to a young lady who needs a Savior. I shared with her that God will never leave us nor forsake us.  

As Carol left, I handed her a Bible. I encouraged her to read about this Man named Jesus for herself.  I know, without a doubt, that spiritual seeds were planted that day.

My heart has been burdened for Carol since our first conversation and I have been praying several times a day for her and her son. She wants to meet with me again to talk about her feelings. Domestic abuse is such a distortion of God’s plan for marriage and it leaves a path of destruction in its wake. Victims need to hear about the peace that surpasses all human understanding along with the hope that only God can give. I praise HIM, that HE IS ABLE! I pray that He will help me plant seeds every day!

**The name used in this blog has been changed to protect the privacy of the woman involved.

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