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The Time is Now!

I simply cannot get the recent news article out of my mind. The article states that according to a recent poll, “more and more Americans are shifting away from religion…those who don’t believe in God have increased” (Soliman, 2022). This is not a new trend as an article from 2019 reveals similar survey results also indicating a “turning away from organized religion” (Dionne, 2019). Yet, with all that has been going on in the world lately, this most recent article struck me. How can this trend be? Don’t we need God NOW more than EVER?

Years ago, I was compelled to write a book about my life. God used the tragedy of being hit head-on by a drunk driver in 1982 to show me how REAL He is, and how desperately I need Him. I have always been strong in the area of writing and I enjoy it, but I had no clue about how or where to begin writing a book. But God. In God’s time, He brought Laura into my life through a local newspaper and over the course of several months, Laura helped me to get the book written and I successfully pursued the publication of Laurie's Story: Discovering Joy in Adversity. Another desire God instilled deep within me after my car accident, was the desire to share the story of God’s presence, faithfulness, and redemption in my life through the avenue of film. Once again, I didn’t have a clue how to make this a reality. I had reached out to producers over the years, but they were not interested…it was not God’s time, but my desire remained persistent and unavoidable.

The recent news article and poll results jarred me. I knew God was stirring something within me. I prayed and cried out to God, “How can people NOT believe in you, Lord?!?!” God reminded me, “YOU have a story that shows I am real. Share it.” As I struggled with feelings of unworthiness and doubt, I was reminded of a young filmmaker and a young producer who both love the Lord and are passionate about communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ through film. In an attempt to be obedient to God, I reached out to these young men with an inquiry about my film project, and they not only embraced the story line but committed to the project! It is God’s time now! The focus of this project is to remind viewers that God is very real. Why is it important to believe in God? Aside from the fact that all persons are made in the image of the One Who has created them (see Genesis 1:27), there is an innate desire to know Him…in other words, it’s genetic!

I can tell you that God is very real and He has changed my life, and I cannot be silent. I do have a story, but it is more GOD’S story than mine. It is the story of a young girl who grew up in church and who experienced an indescribable peace and joy there. Then something horrible happened to this girl and her world would never be the same. The brokenness and pain were debilitating at times, but a light broke through the darkness and she came to a point where she cried out for strength, hope, and peace from the one true God and He reached down and touched her in a way that only HE could. Her life has forever been transformed. Has she made mistakes? Yes! Has she broken God’s heart with things that she has said and done? Yes! Therefore, this is NOT the story of someone who has it altogether, the focus of THIS story is on GOD - HIS power, HIS presence, and HIS redemption! For these things, this girl is forever grateful.

We are affected by the mistakes we make and we are also impacted by the mistakes of others. This world is broken and bad things are happening all around us, but you know what? The Bible explains why this is a part of our world. It’s because of SIN and this sin separates us from the perfect and holy God of the universe. Jesus Christ came to redeem all that is broken and He came to restore this relationship, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (See John 3:16). The fact that bad things happen in this world, should actually REINFORCE belief in God! Bad things confirm that the Bible is true and that there can be hope. Belief and trust in God provide strength for life. Belief in God gives life purpose.

My prayer is that in sharing my personal experiences through this film, that others can see just how real God is. May I reflect the story and life of John the Baptist as I too try to be a ‘voice crying out in the wilderness’ with a message that points others to the ONE who transforms lives (see John 3:30). Why believe? Because belief in God has the power to transform your life just as it has done mine. Friends, the time is NOW!


Soliman, R. (2022) “POLL: Americans Who Don’t Believe in God Increase, More People Think USA Has Poor Moral Values” Accessed June 19, 2022.

Dionne, B. (2019) “Survey finds more and more Americans do not believe in God” Accessed 7/7/2022.

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