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To Brush or Not to Brush!

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

I was out doing my weekly errands and stopped by the grocery store. It was very windy outside, but otherwise, a beautiful day. Suddenly, I see a lady walking towards the grocery store from the parking lot. With a hair brush in one hand, the wind blowing her hair furiously, she is simultaneously brushing it! The absurdity of her actions intrigued me and I began chuckling to myself, How ridiculous is that? Why doesn’t she just wait until she gets inside!

Our response to sin can appear just as absurd! While in the midst of sin, what good does it do to try to fix the mess or consequences without going back and eliminating the root of the problem? We are mistaken if we think going to church, saying our blessing or doing good things for others will counter the effects sin has upon us. Yes, those activities are important and expected if we consider ourselves followers of Christ, but if we continue to sin willingly and choose not to escape its grasp, our “act” of being holy is not genuine and will lead to spiritual catastrophe.

Think back to the lady with the hairbrush. First of all, she ANTICIPATED a problem because she was carrying the brush! She knew the wind was blowing and her hair would be entangled by it. Brushing her hair BEFORE exposure to the wind did no good, but neither would brushing in the midst of it! Her most logical option would be to wait until entering the store and then proceed with a good brushing!

God knows how easily we can become entangled with sin. That is why He teaches us in His word about the importance of pursuing holiness at ALL times, so we do not lose focus or become disengaged. Entering a battle WITH preparation is really half of the battle itself. When we approach temptation with this mindset, we will see sin from a different perspective. The next time you feel you are facing a battle with temptation, think about the necessary steps to avoid entanglement altogether.

So, to brush or not to brush…is that the question? Not really, I believe it’s all in proper preparation.

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