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When God's Not Answering...

I took this photo in Anderson, SC about 4 years ago and have been waiting for just the right post to use it with, and no doubt, this is the one!

It has been said that "life is filled with disappointments." We all have dreams, aspirations, and bucket lists. If someone were to give us $1 million to do anything with, I think all of us would agree that we could quickly come up with things to do, places to go, or people to see.

I also believe firmly that God is fully aware of our deepest yearnings and desires. When I pray, I do talk to God about such things and sometimes the answer is "yes", sometimes the answer is "no", and other times the answer is simply "not now."

Waiting at times can seem like a lifetime and such is the case for my dream of sharing my story of His glory in a movie. I have had this vision since 1982 and I have prayed that God in His sovereignty and time would bring it to fruition. Last summer, this dream seemed to be heading toward reality as initial work and planning began to take shape. More than 6 hours of filming had already taken place on top of hours of planning and meetings to strategize. However, due to circumstances beyond our control, this dream has hit a pause. Though disappointed, I have been reminded in my spirit that this is not MY story, this is GOD'S story. In His time and in His way, it will become a reality. So, in the meantime, I sit back and say sincerely and genuinely, "I trust You, Lord." For those of you who can relate to disappointments, be reminded that sometimes it may seem God isn’t answering, but that’s NEVER the case. He’s working…behind the scenes, He’s ALWAYS working.

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