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To Find Favor

In my personal devotional time, I recently was studying the Old Testament book of Esther. This specific passage begins to paint a picture of Esther's person and character. The fact that Esther FOUND FAVOR should neither be overlooked nor misunderstood.

A current definition of FAVOR is geared towards the approval or support of others. However, the FAVOR implied in this passage is so much more. Esther's presence and actions create a level of respect and admiration from others. In other words, when Esther walks into a room she is noticed, and for the RIGHT reasons.

Respect and admiration are EARNED, such things cannot be bought or acquired. As a woman, it can be flattering to be considered attractive or intelligent, but to have the FAVOR of others in respect and admiration is both priceless and timeless. This is the true measurement of godly leadership and influence.

Prayer for today: God help me to seek the FAVOR of Esther in how I live today.

For further Bible reading: Esther 2

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